Maximise Your Music: Navigating Spotify Artist Tools & Promotion

Navigating Spotify Artist Tools & Promotion
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Imagine the world of music as a sprawling cityscape. Each Spotify artist is a unique building, each song a room filled with stories. You, as an artist, need to make your building stand out amidst the urban sprawl. How? Enter Spotify, the city planner of this musical metropolis. Spotify empowers artists to construct their unique artist profile, being the blueprint of their musical edifice.

  • Create and customise your Spotify Artist Profile to effectively engage with fans.
  • Utilise data analysis tools to gain insights into listener preferences, track growth on the platform, and monetise music.
  • Promote concerts for a unique experience that can attract audiences & increase artist prominence.

Creating Your Spotify Artist Profile

Crafting your profile is akin to laying the cornerstone of your building in the world of music. To create an artist profile on Spotify, you need to have a TuneCore account. This account is the key to unlocking the door to your building in the music cityscape.

Once you sign up and upload your music to Spotify, you can:

  • Claim and verify your Spotify for Artists profile from your TuneCore dashboard
  • Personalize your Spotify for Artists profile for free, which can help you understand how many listeners you have
  • Manage your album titles and other details by claiming your Spotify for Artists profile
  • Interact with your fans and have control over your space

Claiming your Spotify for Artists profile is like having the keys to your artist account, giving you control and the chance to interact with your fans through your Spotify profile.

Choosing a distributor

Selecting a music distributor is like appointing a property manager for your musical edifice. They serve as go-betweens, handling licensing, distribution, and royalty payments. Consider distributors as the agents bridging your music with potential audiences. Upon selecting a distributor, you must assess attributes including reliability, expense, services offered, and your distinct goals as a performer. Some of the most highly recommended music distributors for Spotify include:

Uploading your music

Uploading your music to Spotify is like opening the doors of your building to the world. When submitting music to a distributor, you provide:

  • The artist name under which you produce
  • The names of all individuals who contributed to the track
  • The cover art
  • The release date

Spotify supports MP3, WAV, and FLAC audio file formats for music uploads. Suppose your music files aren’t in these formats. In that case, you can use various audio conversion software or online converters to convert your music files to a format supported by Spotify.

The cover art, which represents your album title visually, is like the facade of your building, and the recommended size for Spotify album art is 1600 x 1600 pixels.

Accessing your dashboard

The Spotify for Artists dashboard is your command center, providing you with a bird’s-eye view of your building. It enables you to:

  • effectively manage your profile
  • gain insights into your music and audience
  • pitch new music to playlists
  • highlight key songs and concerts.

You can access your Spotify for Artists dashboard by logging in with your Spotify account credentials. This dashboard offers a wealth of data, including:

  • The number of streams
  • The number of listeners
  • The number of followers
  • A world map showing where your music is being streamed the most.

Enhancing Your Artist Page

Customised Spotify artist profile
Customised Spotify artist profile

Enhancing your artist page is like renovating your building to make it more appealing to visitors. Tailoring your profile, displaying your discography, and utilizing the Artist Pick feature serve as new coats of paint, alluring window presentations, and captivating billboards that draw audiences to your musical edifice. Don’t forget to check out other artists’ pages for inspiration and ideas on how to improve your own artists page. The Showcase feature displays your music, be it a new release or catalogue, as a banner on the Spotify homepage on the mobile app.

Customizing your profile

Personalising your Spotify artist profile is akin to designing the interior of your building. The profile picture should be 750 x 750 pixels, acting as your building’s logo. Composing an effective artist biography is like crafting an engaging story about your building’s history and significance.

You have the option to connect your social media accounts to your Spotify artist profile, akin to setting up directional signs guiding visitors to your other possessions.

Showcasing your discography

Showcasing your discography is like arranging a guided tour through the different rooms in your building. The Showcase feature in Spotify for Artists allows you to exhibit your discography on your Spotify artist page. Each song is a room with unique stories, and you can arrange your discography on Spotify in a specific order like organizing the tour route.

Utilising Artist Pick

The Artist Pick feature on Spotify is like a spotlight, focusing visitors’ attention on a particular room in your building. This feature allows you to:

  • Select and display a track, album, or playlist prominently on your artist profile
  • Guide visitors to the highlights of your building
  • Effectively promote your music and engage with your audience

Promoting Your Music on Spotify

Advertising your music on Spotify is similar to organizing events in your musical edifice to pull in spectators. Playlist submissions, teaming up with other artists, and interacting with fans all resemble conducting concerts, art shows, or housewarming events that attract crowds.

Submitting to playlists

Submitting your music to playlists is like organizing a guided tour for visitors across multiple buildings in the city. Playlists are like a collection of buildings, each with a unique theme. Getting your music added to Spotify’s curated playlists requires a verified Spotify for Artists account, visibility outside of Spotify, and establishing a connection with playlist curators.

Collaborating with other artists

Partnering with other artists on Spotify is comparable to holding a combined event with other edifices in the city. It broadens your reach, fosters shared growth, and crafts distinctive experiences for your fans. Collaborations can capture the attention of fans from both artists, potentially increasing the visibility and reach of the song, a strategy that has been effective for over a decade.

Engaging with fans

Engaging with fans on Spotify is like interacting with visitors who have come to explore your building. It’s about answering their questions, seeking their feedback, and giving them a memorable experience they’d want to relive.

Analysing Your Performance Data

Analysing performance data on Spotify for Artists
Analysing performance data on Spotify for Artists

Assessing your performance data on Spotify is analogous to performing a building audit. It aids in comprehending who your visitors are, their origin, and their preferred rooms.

Audience insights

Acquiring knowledge about your audience’s demographics, listening tendencies, and locations is similar to carrying out a visitor survey. It assists you in discerning their preferences and modifying your edifice’s offerings accordingly.

Tracking your growth

Tracking your growth on Spotify is like monitoring your building’s footfall. It helps you measure the success of your promotional strategies, renovations, and events, and adjust your plans accordingly.

Monetising Your Music

Selling merchandise on Spotify
Selling merchandise on Spotify

Monetising your music on Spotify is like setting up shops and cafes in your building. It’s about creating additional revenue streams while enhancing visitors’ experience.

Selling merchandise

Marketing merchandise on Spotify is akin to establishing a souvenir shop in your musical edifice. It enables fans to bring home a part of their experience.

Promoting concerts

Advertising concerts on Spotify is comparable to arranging live shows in your musical edifice. It’s a distinctive experience that attracts audiences and enhances your prominence.


In conclusion, your journey as an artist on Spotify is like managing a unique building in the city of music. From creating your artist profile to promoting your music and monetizing it, each step is an essential phase in making your building stand out in the cityscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you become a Spotify artist?

To become a Spotify artist, sign up for a TuneCore account, claim and verify your Spotify for Artists profile, and upload your music. Once uploaded, edit your bio, add photos, pitch singles to playlists, and promote songs.

Who is the number 1 one artist on Spotify?

Drake is the most-streamed artist of all time on Spotify, with Taylor Swift as the most-streamed female artist.

How do I find an artist on Spotify?

Search for an artist on Spotify by entering the search term artist:artist-name in the search bar. For example, to find all music related to Overmono, enter artist:overmono in the search bar.

How do I claim an artist page on Spotify?

Visit, paste your Spotify Artist URI and submit your claim. Spotify’s team will review your request and grant you access shortly.

How can I promote my music on Spotify?

Promote your music on Spotify by submitting it to playlists, collaborating with other artists, and engaging with your fan base.

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