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Have you got what it takes to be a professional bass player? Want to start a band or make your own music? Build your technical expertise and explore music opportunities through Elevate.

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Online Bass Guitar Courses

Hobbyist, budding musician or multi-instrumentalist – with our range of bass guitar courses, like Beginner Bass Guitar, you’ll grow from beginner to advanced player and develop talents in composition, performance and production along the way.

Here what our students say

David F.

Beginner Bass Guitar

“For me as an absolute beginner and at an older age of 55 this course is really great. Very good and detailed explanations. Was just what I was looking for.”

Mckenzie B.

Beginner Bass Guitar

“I started playing bass several years ago, learned to play songs using tabs. Having not played in 2 to 3 years I wanted a course to get me back into playing in a more professional way. Have completed three of the lessons so far and it’s looking to take me beyond being only a tab player.”

Leigha C.

Beginner Bass Guitar

“I have played guitar to accomapny my songwiritng for a few years but have always wanted to play bass too. This course was really great and I’m already feeling my playing improving. It’s given me that bit of confidence and direction I needed to get going with it.”


  • I've never played bass guitar. Is the Beginner Bass course for me?

    Yes, this course was created with exactly you in mind. Renowned bass tutor Freddie Draper developed this course to provide you with a thorough introduction to the bass guitar and excellent introductory tips on bass technique.


    Yes, you’ll be taught dozens of songs and basslines. You’ll also be shown how basslines support songs, as you acquire the tools necessary to read bass tabs and create your own basslines.


    Yes, Freddie has included some foundational music theory and reading techniques, but has ensured you won’t be overwhelmed if it’s your first time learning theory. Once you finish the course, you’ll have a strong understanding of both basic music theory and bass harmony.


    Yes, you’ll cover lots of bass scales in this course, including major scales, minor scales, pentatonic scales and blues scales.

  • When I can begin my course?

    You can start whenever you’re ready! Elevate courses are accessed on demand, so you can start and pause your learning at any time. There are no deadlines to begin or complete your course by, so you can progress your studies when it suits you. All course materials are yours to keep, so you can take the course again further down the track if you’d like.

  • What kind of device do I need?

    To study an Elevate course, you just need to bring an inquisitive mind. You can easily complete your course on any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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