Spotify for Artists – So How does it Really Work?

Spotify for Artists - So How does it Really Work | Elevate

Finding the best platform to publish music is critical for aspiring musicians and songwriters. Spotify for artists has powerful tools at the ready.

Breaking into the music industry has changed beyond recognition. Just a little while ago, artists would play basements clubs to build a fanbase. Today, platforms like Spotify have taken that space. Spotify for artists is a powerful tool and we’ve put this article together as a step by step guide to help you make the most of the platform.

How Can You Access Spotify?

Spotify has become one of the biggest drivers of success in the music industry. It is a great way to find an audience for new music or connect to and grow your fan base.

There are three basic ways to access a Spotify profile: you can ask your team to invite you if someone already has admin access, or you can claim an existing artist profile.

If you’re working with one of the platform’s preferred distributors, you automatically get instant access.

How Can You Access Spotify? | Elevate
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What is a Spotify Artist Profile?

Your Spotify artist profile is nothing other than your home on Spotify, its your artist page. This is where you can add an artist name, watch your audience grow, promote your music, and connect to others in the industry. New listeners will have instant access to your music.

Once you claim your profile and the Spotify team can verify you, you’ll see a blue check mark next to it.

Spotify Artist Profile | Elevate
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How Can I Edit My Spotify Artist Profile?

Once you have access to your Spotify artist page, you can write your bio, add your artist name, show photos, and feature playlists. Most importantly on your artist profile, you can add a link to help your fans connect to you as well as share your music.

Try to create a complete your artist page – fans love knowing a little more about the musicians they support.

How Will my Songs Get on Spotify?

Ok, so you’ve spent time writing lyrics, coming up with the music to support them, and crafting songs. Now it’s time to publish your creations. The best way to get songs on Spotify is to work with one of the platform’s recommended distributors.

For signed artists, labels tend to handle that relationship. If you haven’t been signed yet, check Spotify’s list of distributors, and make a connection.

How Will my Songs Get on Spotify? | Elevate
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How Can I Get on Spotify Playlists?

If you’re about to release your next song, Spotify has all the tools you need to turn it into a success. To become an artist pick and get on Spotify playlists, you need to pitch to Spotify’s playlist editors.

You can pitch from your Spotify for artists home tab or the music tab. What’s most important is to give editors as much information about your songs as possible and of course your artist name. The more information, the better the song’s chances to make it onto Spotify playlists.

One more tip: give Spotify’s editors time to listen. Last-minute submissions right before releases, have fewer chances.

Spotify Artist Picks | Elevate
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How Do I Know if My Song Was Picked for Playlists?

Spotify will email you to let you know your song has been featured on a playlist. For most artists, being featured being discovered by lots more fans.

If you want to know how many people loved the music you create, check out Spotify’s statistics. You don’t need to be a numbers gook to enjoy looking at how your fanbase is growing.

You can also see any songs that were picked in the Playlists tab in Spotify for artists.

Spotify Playlists | Elevate
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My Songs Weren’t Picked, What do I do Now?

Spotify for artists doesn’t guarantee that the songs you create will be included in its playlists. Don’t be disheartened if your songs didn’t make it this time but continue pitching.

Instead, continue to build your audience both on Spotify and outside. The platform’s editors are basically music fans themselves and have their ears everywhere. If you’re a musician that loves engaging with fans, it’s only a question of time until you’ll be noticed.

If you already have followers on Spotify, make sure you pitch any new music at least one week before you release it. Whilst that may not guarantee inclusion on the editors’ playlist, it will help you show up on your followers’ release radar.

Artists Spotify Stats | Elevate
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How do I Know Who’s Listening to My Music?

One of the great things about music platforms is the depth of information they provide for artists and their label.

Spotify will show you the top 100 playlists your music has been added to. That feature will be triggered as soon as you have two listeners for the playlist on the web or 25 on the mobile app.

How Can I Access Artists Spotify Stats?

Once you’ve released a piece of music, it’s only too tempting to sit by your computer and watch the number of streams creep up. The good news is there is no need to sit there all day refreshing the page.

Spotify for artists updates statistics once a day, around 3PM EST. If waiting an entire day feels like torture, don’t worry. For the first week of a new release, the live stream count refreshes every two seconds.

How Can I Access Artists Spotify Stats | Elevate
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What Kind of Stats Can I See for New Releases?

Spotify for artists shows you the number of streams your music has achieved. You’ll also be able to see how many fans downloaded your songs. As soon as someone likes your release, that ‘like’ counts as a download.

Streams start being counted when someone listens for 30 seconds or more. Canvas views are counted no matter how long someone listens, so you may have more Canvas views than streams.

How Can I Grow My Audience on Spotify for Artists?

Being a Spotify Artist is a must if your trying to grow your audience base. With 450 million listeners Spotify wants to help you expand the reach of your music through its clever algorithm and offering a range of different marketing tools to help you create ads. Some of those target free listeners only, whilst others also give you access to Spotify premium listeners.

How Can I Grow My Audience on Spotify for Artists | Elevate
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Final Thoughts

Spotify for artists is one of the most powerful platforms music creators can use to increase their following and build their audience. Gaining access to Spotify for artists is easier than you think and opens the doors to a successful music career.

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