The Complete Songwriter Expert Track


The Elevate special 4-in-1 Complete Songwriter Expert Track reveals all, covering essential technical elements of music theory, as well as guiding you to generate, develop, write and refine your very own songs. It’s all led by music experts, and developed with today’s industry in mind.

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online course The Complete Songwriter Bundle

So you can perform, but what about mastering the creative and theoretical side of songwriting? Drilling down into the detail, you’ll start with basic songwriting, to better generate ideas, structure your writing and finesse your lyrics. Next, you’ll analyse popular songs and styles for insight and inspiration. Finally, you’ll explore more advanced elements, like experimenting with different genres and co-writing.

During your studies, you’ll learn to release your full creative songwriting potential, while developing your creativity, generating new song ideas, banishing writer’s block and crafting your rough concepts into slick completed works. You’ll grow as a songwriter by researching, exploring and experimenting within a range of contemporary musical styles and genres, including pop, country, folk, rock, electronica, R&B and soul.

This allows for highly flexible learning, as you can choose the order of your modules based on your interests and areas of expertise. There’s also no specific course start date, meaning you can begin your learning at a time that suits you. And once you purchase the course material, you retain ongoing access to it, so it can be reviewed whenever you like.

With access anytime online, learn and grow at your own pace and dip into modules as often as you like. Optional masterclass and mentoring add-ons give you more access to the experts, too. So, whether you’re full of song ideas or stuck in a rut, this track will help you develop, grow and build a portfolio you can be proud of.

Course T&Cs

Only £50

Learn how to write a song

  • Elevate special 4-in-1 Songwriting course bundle
  • 112 Unique lessons across 21 packed modules
  • Created by practicing industry experts
  • Learn at you own pace in your own time
  • HD video industry insider hints & tips
  • Immersive interactive learning
  • Certificate on completion
  • Downloadable lesson guides
  • Lifetime access
  • Mobile friendly platform
  • Access to a live session masterclass

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4-in-1 Songwriting bundle

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Taught by Industry Musicians

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Here what our students say

Christine T.

The Complete Songwriter Expert Track

“I really enjoyed the course actually. I was inspired by this course and would like to do the advanced course in the future.It was inspiring, sensational, really got me into thinking and I wrote one song on lock down. I have been slowly depicting the chords to master my own song with my electric guitar, but it has been a challenge!”

Gideon S.

Creative Songwriter Expert Track

“Knowledgeably and engagingly taught. Great as an experience to wash over you to bring out your self in sharp relief as it relates to writing – great as a continuing resource to dip into now and again for brushing up on concepts. Highly recommended!”

Mike B.

Creative Songwriter Expert Track

“The course was so well structured and everything made so much sense. It demystified the process of songwriting and has taken my practice to another level. “

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Thinking about this online music course?

  • What's included in this bundle?

    Our Complete Songwriting Expert Track bundle includes Songwriting The Basics, the ‘Songwriting: The Creative Process’ and ‘Songwriting: Content & Genre’ and ‘Lyric Writing’ courses. By purchasing them together as a bundle, you’ll gain a more thorough understanding of songwriting craft by studying them one after the other. It also allows you to keep all your songwriting resources and lessons together in the one online location.

  • Who is this bundle for?

    This bundle is perfect if you’re a songwriter looking to challenge yourself creatively and understand more about the craft of songwriting from start to finish.

  • What’s the difference between this course and ICMP’s other songwriting courses?

    This course provides you with a solid foundation so you can embark upon your songwriting journey. We recommend you begin here, unless you’re already an experienced writer with at least ten or more songs under your belt. Having mastered Songwriting: The Basics, you can then progress onto our other songwriting courses, which are for intermediate-level songwriters.

  • How many songs will I write in this course?

    Studying this bundle, you’ll work on at least eight new songs, including six genre-specific pieces.

  • When can I begin my course?

    You can start whenever you’re ready! Elevate courses are accessed on demand, so you can start and pause your learning at any time. There are no deadlines to begin or complete your course by, so you can progress your studies when it suits you. All course materials are yours to keep, so you can take the course again further down the track if you’d like.

  • What kind of device do I need?

    To study an Elevate course, you just need to bring an inquisitive mind. You can easily complete your course on any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

  • Do I receive any discounts as an Elevate student?

    Yes. We work with a range of industry partners to provide Elevate students like yourself with discounted software to support your learning journey. Your courses will include links to discounts, where relevant.

  • Do I really get lifetime access?

    Yes – you absolutely do! ICMP Elevate courses are designed to be revisited, so you can reuse the course material to practice, develop and continue to improve. As long as you have an account with us, you’ll have access to all the courses you’ve purchased.

  • What do I receive when finish my course?

    Once you’ve completed all your course lessons, you’ll be awarded a certificate found on your dashboard page, which you can download and share.

  • What can I expect sign up for an elevate course?

    Expect something highly engaging! Elevate courses are packed full of interactive learning elements. You’ll have access to video and written lessons, and will use diagrams, case studies and insider hints and tips in your studies. Once you’ve completed an Elevate course, you’ll have lifetime access to all information shared, meaning you can revisit your course materials whenever you like.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions about my course?

    If you have any questions about your course, please send an email to We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours – if not sooner! You can also call our admissions team on 020 7328 0222

  • Can I bundle courses together?

    Yes. In fact, many of our courses are designed to be taken together as a bundle, allowing you to progress your skill level in a particular area from beginner to intermediate. Explore our Elevate bundle offers to find your perfect course bundle.

Meet your tutors

Sophie Daniels, Tim Elsenberg, Megan O’Neill & Jonathan Whiskerd

Songwriting: The Basics’ has been written by expert industry insiders Megan O’Neill, Jonathan Whiskerd, Sophie Daniels and Tim Elsenberg. They have worked with singers and songwriters such as Will Hicks (with Ed Sheeran and Lily Allen), Bruce Hughes (with Jason Mraz), Joshua Blair (with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars) and Jamie Cullen, and also played a large part in developing London’s ‘The Institute of Contemporary Music’ world-class songwriting curriculum.

“The idea behind this course is to offer simple, accessible insights into the craft of Songwriting, which creatives and writers from all different backgrounds can experiment with. In my own development as a songwriter and Songwriting teacher.

I have found a few key concepts and writing tricks that have helped me cultivate a more enjoyable process and unlock more purposeful songs. Sophie, Tim and I have worked together to create a course that we believe offers a strong skills foundation for any aspiring songwriter. ”

See what our songwriting students say

Neat little bundle

Rated 5 out of 5

One of the best course packs for aspiring songwriters out there – great opportunity to learn so much about the craft of songwriting and all in a very neat little bundle. Really enjoyed and will be coming back!

Kris T.

Excellent value for money!

Rated 5 out of 5

Excellent coverage of all aspects of song writing. It was perfect for me to learn and get started on my song writing journey and for such a good price.

Melanie B.

Flexible payment method

We accept payments via Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay. You can even spread your payments using PayPal Credit.

The Complete Songwriter Expert Track

The Elevate special 4-in-1, (THE BASICS, CREATIVE PROCESS, CONTENT & GENRE & LYRIC WRITING) Complete Songwriter Expert Track reveals all, covering essential technical elements of music theory, as well as guiding you to generate, develop and refine your very own songs. It’s all led by music experts, and developed with today’s industry in mind.

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The Complete Songwriter Expert Track