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With over 20 labels hosted on Samplesound’s site you will be spoiled for choice! Here you can find a myriad of Loops, One shots, Presets, FX, Construction Kits, MIDI files, ready to be transformed or integrated in your projects.

Always at the forefront of new musical trends Samplesound boasts collaborations with international DJs and Producers that have created thrilling music collections in order to help you build your personal sound. All sample packs were made to unlock and bring your creativity to the next level.

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Master the minor pentatonic scale

The pentatonic concept is simple and involves a collection of notes from major or minor scales. The minor pentatonic scale is one of the most versatile and commonly used scales in all music. In this article we will show how to master and use it in your own playing.
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Your Guide to harmonies music and songwriting

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Chord Music: A Beginners Guide

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