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Ernie Ball is a music company that creates musical instruments and accessories—such as basses, strings, amplifiers, and electric guitars.

In 1962, Ernie Ball founded the company in Southern California, USA. They’re known for the high-quality instruments that many musicians love in various genres, including rock, jazz, country, and blues music.

Ernie Ball’s electric steel guitar and basses feature innovative designs, such as the Music Man StingRay bass and the Music Man John Petrucci signature guitar. Both guitars are incredibly respected for their tone, craftsmanship, and playability.

Likewise, Ernie Ball Music Man produces a vast range of guitar and bass strings, often used by Sir Paul McCartney, including the popular Slinky series. 

One of the primary characteristics that define Ernie Ball is their sheer commitment and quality. And, as a result, musicians love the instruments for their durability, style, and innovative qualities.

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  • What Band Did Ernie Ball Play In?

    Ernie Ball was a successful guitarist who played in various bands throughout his life. One of his most notable roles was in The Hollywood Blue Jays, a popular band in the United States.  The band also featured fellow guitarist and music industry executive Sherwood Ball. However, Sherwood Ball is well known for being a guitar string innovator. 

  • Who Owns Ernie Ball?

    Ernie Ball, INC. is a private company in the United States. However, the current ownership model is not disclosed to the public. But we do know that the company has been family-owned since Ernie Ball founded the company in 1962.  His sons, Brian and Sterling Ball, currently run the company. The company has massively grown in recent years and has become one of the largest guitar manufacturers worldwide.

  • Which Guitar Strings Did Paul McCartney Use?

    Sir Paul McCartney has used various types of guitar strings in his long music career. However, he’s often used Ernie Ball strings, especially in the latter parts of his career. In the early days of The Beatles, Paul used flatwood strings on his Hofner bass, which gave the bass a mellow and warm tone.  Paul McCartney also used Rotosound strings during his career because he was impressed by the quality of the strings and their consistency. As a result, he started using them on his bass guitar, even as his playing style and musical preferences changed throughout the years.

  • Which Musicians Use Ernie Ball Music Products and Guitar Accessories?

    Due to the sheer quality of Ernie Ball brand music products, many of the world’s best musicians use Ernie Ball products throughout numerous genres. Here are some of the best examples: Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin lead guitarist, Jimmy Page, is one of the most notorious musicians that use Ernie Ball music products.  Slash: Many people argue that Slash is the world’s greatest guitarist, and he regularly uses Ernie Ball's music products, including electric guitar strings and acoustic guitar strings. Keith Richards: The guitarist of the legendary British rock band the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, uses Ernie Ball’s products and guitar accessories. Eric Clapton: Legendary English guitarist, Eric Clapton, has used Ernie Ball music products throughout his incredible career to suit his various playing styles. Eddie Van Halen: Van Halen has used Ernie Ball's guitar and guitar strings throughout his career.

  • What Strings Did Jimmy Hendrix Use?

    Jimmy Hendrix, who’s arguably the greatest guitarist of all time, has used various guitar strings in his career. However, there is a massive debate surrounding which strings he used mainly.  Most guitar experts believed he used a mixture of Fender, Gibson, and D'Addario strings. Music fans knew Jimmy Hendrix for his heavy playing style and use of string bends, and many believe he used different materials and gauges to achieve his primary sound.  However, with that said, his exact strings remain a complete mystery. But his incredible playing style remains inspiring to many young guitarists worldwide.

  • What Are Ernie Ball Strings Made From?

    Various materials make up Ernie Ball guitar strings, including stainless steel, cobalt, titanium, and nickel-plated steel. Each material has different tonal properties and playing characteristics, so it’s essential to find the right products for you.

  • How Do I Choose the Right Acoustic Guitar Strings for My Instrument?

    Choosing the right guitar strings depends on various factors, including the type of guitar you have, your playing strings, and your personal preferences for tone and feel.  Moreover, Ernie Ball offers a vast range of gauges, materials, and coatings to suit various playing styles. Therefore, it’s worth experimenting to find the best strings for you. You could also learn string theory to find the best strings for you.

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