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Synchro Arts is a music company that produces software tools for audio post-production. They have various flagship, popular products—such as Titan, Revoice Pro, and Vocalign. 

Many musicians and film producers use these tools to perfect the music in their productions. Likewise, the TV industry uses it to improve and speed up the audio editing process. 

The Vocalign project, for example, is a software tool that automatically synchronises the pitch and timing of audio recordings, leading to tighter, more professional-sounding vocal tracks.

Receive Pro also advanced tools for time and pitch manipulation, enabling musicians to edit and align audio tracks. Although you can’t use Synchro Arts for your browser, it has excellent software programs that can edit hours of audio.

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  • What Is The Difference Between Synchro Arts VocAlign Project and Ultra?

    VocAlign Project is a more straightforward version of VocAlign Ultra. Although both tools have been designed to align various tracks at once, VocAlign Ultra provides more extensive features—including the ability to match pitch and use complicated alignment tapes. Furthermore, VocAlign also supports 16 tracks at once, but VocAlign Project is limited to only three.

  • Is Revoice Better Than VocAlign?

    VocAlign and Revoice Pro have different purposes; however, they’re both crucial tools in audio post-production. Revoice Pro is a more complete tool that provides extensive pitch and time editing. On the other hand, VocAlign is particularly created for aligning multiple vocal tracks, leading to more choices for music producers and engineers who want to use tight, professional-sounding vocal performances.  On the whole, it depends on your needs and requirements, but both options are excellent for overall media and music production in your studio.

  • How Much Does VocAlign Cost?

    The price of VocAlign depends on one thing: whether you use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Once you’ve decided what you’ll use it for, you can discuss the price for the pro tools with the company.

  • What Plugin Aligns Tight Vocals?

    Synchro Arts' VocAlign is a common plugin that helps to align vocal performances in post-audio-production. Analysing the vocal timing of a single vocal track and aligning it with another vocal track helps create a better-sounding piece of music. As a result, many musical professionals use Synchro Arts' VocAlign to create better audio.

  • What Is The Synchro Arts Secret Weapon?

    The Synchro Arts Secret Weapon is the company’s flagship product called Revoice Pro. It’s an advanced audio tool that offers a vast range of features of pitch and time manipulation, on top of creating realistic-sounding vocal doubles. It's a perfect addition to your songwriting.

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