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Are you an aspiring writer, producer, engineer, artist or musician looking for the best courses for music producers? Hone your sound, explore your talent and unlock unique opportunities in music technology with Elevate’s online music production courses.

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Online Music Production Courses

From experimenting with your sound to mixing and mastering, our music production courses cover everything from an Introduction To Ableton Live, to Soundscape Composition, and Sound Production with Ableton Live. You’ll get to grips with industry-leading software and learn about key features of music production, including arranging, editing and FX processing.

Here what our students say

Evie-Mae J.

Introduction to Ableton Live

“This was great! Lots of useful tips and insights into features and shortcuts, my producing has really accelerated.”

Gertrude V.

Introduction to Ableton Live

“Really helping me understand what I’m doing on ableton! I am still going back to it as it was easy to follow but I wanted to do it with my own ableton at home! I plan to use what I learn for my performances later this year!!”

Artur E.

Soundscape Composition

“A very interesting course, with lots of good examples. I wanted to explore sound more and this was very good to help with that.”

Thinking about taking these online courses?

  • Is a music production course for me?

    Want to be the next Pete Tong or Jay Z? If you are desperate to turn your music making passion into a viable career, then yes, our music production courses are the perfect stepping stone for you into the music industry. When you love what you do, it doesn't feel like hard work, so why not dedicate the time now to learning more about the industry you're passionate about? In all of our courses you'll get hands on production experience, dedicated teaching from industry experts, and a music production skill set which is transferable to the real world.

  • Will these courses help me better understand the music industry?

    Yes. There is no better jumping off point into the music industry than through our courses for music producers. You will dive straight into music production, giving you a clearer understanding of not just how to mix music, but how the music industry works as a whole.

  • Where can music production courses take me?

    Begin building a career with our music production courses. When you undertake one of our courses, you open so many new doors - how does working in a recording studio sound? Or what about a career in radio? Working as a sound designer for live sound events? In audio production for television or film? If you love creating your own tracks, why not produce dance music? The list is endless. The more skills you garner through our music production programmes, well, the further you can go in your music production journey.


    Yes, you’ll learn the basics of one of the most popular music production software products in the world – Ableton Live. Once you complete this course, you’ll be equipped with an impressive toolkit to write and carry out your own electronic music production using the technical skills you'll learn. 


    Yes. When you take this course you’ll be guided to explore the basics of the Ableton Live software and will pick up tips and tricks along the way to help you navigate the program’s features and benefits. For more information, check out the course description.

  • WILL I HAVE TASKS TO COMPLETE when I take these music production COURSEs?

    Yes. These courses include many optional tasks for you to complete, if you choose to do so. The tasks reinforce some of the techniques you’ll explore in the modules you study. 


    Soundscape composition is the creative act of incorporating real life sounds and ambience into your tracks to produce immersive sonic and musical experiences. 


    Adding soundscapes to your music can help you craft a unique sound and sonic identity for your songs. It’s the first step towards a technique known as ‘sampling’. 


    To study this course, you’ll need an Ableton Live subscription and the software already installed on your computer. Download your free 90-day trial copy here:


    Yes. In fact, many of our courses are designed to be taken together as a bundle, allowing you to progress your skill level in a particular area from beginner to intermediate. Explore our Sound production with Ableton Live bundle to progress your music production skills

  • Will these courses help me get into the music industry?

    If you want a career in the music business, these courses will give you a solid foundation to set you on your path into the music industry. The more skills you have, the more you'll be able to offer.

  • Can I become a music producer after taking these courses?

    While we haven't got a crystal ball to say whether you will become a music producer after taking our courses, we can say that our courses will help you on your journey to becoming one. The more skills you garner through our music production programmes, well, the further you can go in your music production journey.

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