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Got that entrepreneurial spark? Learn how to market yourself, pitch to big players and navigate the commercial side of the industry with Elevate’s music business courses.

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Online Music Business Courses

Our immersive music business courses are the perfect primer for anyone wanting to know more about this ever-evolving field, taking you through every element of the industry’s commercial underbelly. Through our Music Business For Artists online course and others, you’ll cover the entire marketing journey, from establishing your USP and vision, to building a loyal online fanbase, securing a manager and even developing an electronic press kit. Then you’ll look at recording, producing, collaborating, performing and pitching. 

Here what our students say

Valentina P.

Music Business for Artists

“I think this course is great for those just starting or are thinking about working in the music industry. I wouldn’t recommended to someone who has already done a few gigs or went to networking events, as the first few modules would be quite repetitive. However I really enjoyed and found the module on social media and royalties really useful. I love the fact that you can log back in any time if you need a refresh, the course also provides amazing learning resources/channels on Youtube.”

Vivien N.

Music Business for Artists

“So far, so good! A very useful bunch of information on royalties, pre-release steps and ways to monetize your songs! For someone a little older and just starting out, the business side of music has always been a minefield for me, but this course has helped me undertsand some of it so I can start pushing my dream (even if a little late to the game)!”

Evan M.

Music Business for Artists

“Pretty good intro to music business, I needed some clarifying on a few things and there were definitely some useful tips I will be using.”


  • About the Music Business for Artists course

    Learn how to create a website and market yourself on social media; record, produce and collaborate with others; and build an impressive portfolio – including an electronic press kit (EPK) for that perfect pitch. You’ll also learn about booking gigs, distributing music and earning royalties, picking up networking skills and building a fanbase along the way.

  • What kind of tasks will I undertake in this course?

    You’ll complete projects that elevate your career as an independent artist, such as the development of music release plans, social media content and electronic press kits.

  • Who it the Music Business for Artists course for?

    This course has been specifically designed for independent artists and producers. You’ll learn how to set yourself up as an artist with a successful independent music career in today’s industry.

  • Who is the Music Business for Artists course written by?

    This course has been created by Megan O’Neill – a successful independent songwriter and artist who has been releasing and performing her original music for over a decade. She’ll share her personal and professional experience as an independent artist with you, providing essential industry insight along the way.

  • What equipment will I need?

    On top of an enthusiastic attitude for learning, you’ll need a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to help you complete your coursework. Everything else is provided throughout your course.


    Expect something highly engaging! Elevate courses are packed full of interactive learning elements. You’ll have access to video and written lessons, and will use diagrams, case studies and insider hints and tips in your studies. Once you’ve completed an Elevate course, you’ll have lifetime access to all information shared, meaning you can revisit your course materials whenever you like.


    You can start whenever you’re ready! Elevate courses are accessed on demand, so you can start and pause your learning at any time. There are no deadlines to begin or complete your course by, so you can progress your studies when it suits you. All course materials are yours to keep, so you can take the course again further down the track if you’d like.


    If you have any questions about your course, please send an email to We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours – if not sooner! You can also call our admissions team on 020 7328 0222


    Once you’ve completed all your course lessons, you’ll be awarded a certificate found on your dashboard page, which you can download and share.


    Yes – you absolutely do! ICMP Elevate courses are designed to be revisited, so you can reuse the course material to practice, develop and continue to improve. As long as you have an account with us, you’ll have access to all the courses you’ve purchased.

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