You’ve Completed ICMP’s Online Course

You've Completed ICMP's Online Course


What have you covered?

Throughout this Songwriting: The Basics Course, you explored the foundations of songwriting, from harmony to lyrics, to the creative process.

  1. Have acquired foundational knowledge and skill in the art and craft of contemporary songwriting
  2. Examined the common issues and challenges faced by writers during the creative process and explored approaches to resolving these.
  3. Have engaged with a variety of practical writing exercises to develop skills in the key areas of lyric and melody writing, basic harmonic construction and song structure
  4. Have an understanding of the process of writing a complete song

What's Next?

Songwriting is a constant learning craft, so it is important to continue writing and practicing what you have learned in your writing.

Hopefully you have got the most out of this course, while the content will still be accessible for some time, it is a good idea to revisit modules and take your own notes so you will always be able to revisit what you have learned. 

Your Songwriting Skills

Revise the Course Materials

There are many exercises and extracts in this course – you could go back and really master each one, or even try to learn them all from memory.

Expand your Listening Journey

Nearly every example used on this course comes from a real album played by real artists. If there are any particular tracks you enjoyed analysing, consider buying an album and familiarising yourself with the rest of the artist’s catalogue.

Find Friends and Make Music Together

One of the best ways you can develop as a musician is to find other like-minded players and play together. You could look up events, jam nights or even see if there are any bands near you looking for new members.

Keep on Learning

Get a deeper understanding of other instruments’ roles and expand your knowledge of music even further by taking another of our beginner courses – there’s always something new to discover.


Continue your journey as a songwriter

We offer a range of online courses exploring the craft of songwriting and techniques for creativity.

Songwriting: The Basics

Bass Strap

Our online ‘Songwriting The Basics’ course will take you from being stuck in a rut to writing with real confidence. Learn how to structure your writing sessions and produce songs you are proud to share with others whether those are music publishers, other musicians or just your friends.

Songwriting: The Creative Process

Bass Strap

Our songwriting online ‘ The Creative Process’ course aims to help you understand how to unlock your full creative potential. Once you have completed this step-by-step, interactive course, you too will know how to consistently generate new song ideas and banish writer’s block.

Songwriting: Content & Genre

Bass Strap

Explore a range of musical genres and learning the songwriting techniques specific to those styles. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the historical and cultural impact of music’s most popular genres, before creatively exploring them in your own songwriting.