What’s Next For Bass?

Advanced Bass Techniques

What's Next for Bass?

Course Conclusion

Although we’re at the end of this course, this is by no means the end of your relationship with the bass. 

Hopefully, you’ll have many more years of practise, learning and play ahead of you – and we hope that the skills and knowledge you’ve gained here will act as a strong foundation for the future. 

Here are a few ideas of how you can continue to take your practise further. 

Your Bass Playing

Revise the Course Materials

There are many exercises and extracts in this course – you could go back and really master each one, or even try to learn them all from memory.

Expand your Listening Journey

Nearly every example used on this course comes from a real album played by real artists. If there are any particular basslines you enjoyed playing, consider buying an album and familiarising yourself with the rest of the artist’s catalogue.

Find Friends and Make Music Together

One of the best ways you can develop as a musician is to find other like-minded players and play together. You could look up events, jam nights or even see if there are any bands near you looking for new members. After all, almost every band needs a bassist

Keep on Learning

Get a deeper understanding of other instruments’ roles and expand your knowledge of music even further by taking another of our beginner courses – there’s always something new to discover.