Website & Imagery (2/2)

Your Online Presence

Website & Imagery (2/2)

The imagery on your website

The imagery on your site and on your socials is REALLY important! When starting out, invest in a professional photographer to get high-quality photos of yourself and/or your band. You don’t need to go spending massive money – think about looking into student photographers, student stylists, student make-up artists.

Students are always keen to get involved in real-life projects that would be great for their own portfolios so a great place to start is to reach out to different colleges in your area that specialise in photography, styling and makeup.

Also, look at Facebook groups for students in these areas and post a comment. You will likely receive lots of interest. Obviously, if you can afford to pay then it’s important to do so, everyone needs to make a living. But at the very least, do offer to cover expenses.

Say Cheese!

When it comes to professional photographers that have the most incredible Instagram profiles and you’d just die to work with them, don’t be afraid to reach out! Ever!

Throughout my early years, I sent messages to some people that I’d have killed to work with – thinking they would never respond, and they did! It’s always worth sending a message. You never know what can happen.

Most music photographers are also music lovers and are usually quite keen to get involved with new, up-and-coming artists for a reduced fee if they love your music.

Vince Clarke & Andy Bell (Erasure) – this photo was taken for their album ‘Wild’

When it comes time for your photo shoot, make sure you really, REALLY think about your styling. Your images need to match your music and styling is so, so important. If you need to get some help from a student stylist or professional stylist then do it!

There’s nothing worse than walking away from a shoot with images that don’t properly reflect you as an artist or your style of music.