Getting Inspired

Finding Your Inspiration

Getting Inspired

Module 1

Finding Your Ispiratiom

Welcome to the first module of your lyric writing course, where you’ll learn how to become a creative, original and accomplished lyricist.

As with every new skill, mastering the art of writing lyrics will take time, practice and commitment. This course is designed to help you stay inspired and motivated throughout your journey, keeping the focus on fun with plenty of exciting tasks and exercises to complete. 

In this introductory module, you’ll be putting pen to paper to experiment with different techniques that’ll help you generate ideas, find your inspiration and start to develop your own unique lyrical identity. 


Learning Acheivements

  • Experiment with different techniques to come up with ideas
  • Start to discover your identity as a lyricist
  • Find inspiration from songs and musicians you love

Lyric lessons from Songwriting: The Basics

While we’ll be guiding you through the foundations of writing lyrics over these seven modules, there’s even more to learn in Songwriting: The Basics — another of our Elevate courses.

Getting Inspired

Across history, lyrics have captured every feeling, experience and subject imaginable. However, certain topics come up time and time again:

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Family
  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Music
  • Religion
  • Dancing
  • Money
  • Contemporary Society
  • Politics
  • War
  • Death
  • Identity
  • Isolation


Considering the above list, with reference to as many songs as possible across all genres and periods in songwriting history, try to come up with an example of each. 

You may start to notice a pattern – namely, that most songs address one key concept or idea. This isn’t to say that songs can’t address multiple subjects, just that there tends to be a defining one in every song that the listener can effectively ‘grab on’ to. 

Research Activity

Write Down your Favourite Lyrics

Make a list of your favourite frequently used topics for songs, and consider how they’re expressed through the song lyrics: 

  • Make a personal playlist of 10-20 of your favourite songs
  • Write down what each song is about in 1 sentence or less
  • Over this course, listen back to these examples frequently and see if you can learn more about how the song idea is expressed through the different aspects of the lyrics
  • You can also use the list of song ideas as inspiration for some of our own material