Finding your USP

Developing Your Artistic Project as a Business

Finding Your USP (1/2)

Finding Your USP

So let’s start with a simple yet difficult question.

What makes you different?

What makes you stand out? Obviously here you need to consider your soundyour style and your story (the three S’s).

So you need to think about everything and anything… Are you getting attention online for a video you’ve uploaded? Have you been mentioned by a major artist? Have you written or performed with someone notable? Where have you toured or are you planning on touring?

These are more career highlights than your backstory, but unless you have some monumental back story that is going to drive people wild and that you’re happy to share, then these are the things you need to focus on.

Next, think about visual ways to stand out. Visual branding, logos, colours, eye-catching imagery. Think about high-quality videos with great audio that not only show your talent as an artist but that also show your personality. We’ll be looking at this later on in the course but for now, have a look through the images below and see if you can name the bands or artists?

Do you have a release coming up? Are any radio stations on board and get behind you? What is your marketing campaign for your latest release?

If you’re struggling to understand what your story is, don’t worry! Many of us do. But this is an important story to be able to tell because every single radio DJ, journalist, blogger and industry representative will ask you and your answer will be incredibly important.

Indie Music Academy has a great video on developing an effective artist image and building a community around this. Have a look at that below:

Make Sure YOU Develop and Effective Artist Image for Your Music Career