Finding a Booking Agent (2/3)

How to Book Gigs and Networking

Finding a Booking Agent (2/3)

So, what does and agent look for in you?

Play live OFTEN and sell out venues (or a good amount of tickets)

A good booking agent will be looking at your track record or will be ‘keeping an eye’ on you for some time. If you are consistently playing live shows all around your country and/or abroad, this speaks volumes in itself. Obviously, this means you can sell tickets and that promoters and bookers for each of these venues like you, your sound and your live set.

Work on your live set so that it's REALLY good!

An agent will want to work with an artist or band who has a really great live set and puts on a great show. Spend time working on your live set and your audience interaction/stage presence. Put on a good show!

Build a great network

The music industry is very much “who you know“. Build relationships with everyone you can so that when somebody asks about you, the response and feedback is always positive. Be easy to work with, be humble, be grateful, be kind and be good at what you do. Recommendations from other friends or colleagues in the industry go a LONG way. And any agent interested in working with you WILL ask around.

Grow your social media following

Social media, as we’ve already discussed, is a really important part of the music industry. It’s likely that the first place a booking agent (or anyone else actually for that matter) goes to find out more about you and the size of your fanbase is your social media pages.

Realistically you’re going to want 1000 followers MINIMUM on each main social platform (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to get the attention of any good agent. BUT, please please please don’t buy fake followers!! Grow your followers naturally and gradually and they will be real fans. Agents (and anyone visiting your profiles online) can spot fake followers a mile off – you can have 10,000 Twitter followers yet only 10 likes on one of your tweets. It screams lack of engagement. Agents and any industry execs want to see engagement between you and your fans – so for that, as we’ve gone through already, post regularly and put thought into what you post – make it interesting!

Also, do you have a mailing list? If not, get one! Mailing lists are fantastic assets to have and a direct form of communication to your fans. Collect email addresses at every gig and via your social media. A strong mailing list shows off your dedicated fan-base to an agent and also is a great way to sell tickets to any upcoming show (especially if you’ve collected emails from fans in each location you’ve played in before, they’ll likely buy tickets when you come back to said location).