Developing a Product that Meets the Needs of the Market (2/2)

Developing Your Artistic Project as a Business

Developing a Product (2/2)

...that meets the needs of the market

Every artist wants to write and perform songs that grab the attention of the top dogs in the music industry. The hard part is finding out what the industry actually wants.


These days, it’s pretty vital for artists to also be able to write their own songs. Obviously, this isn’t the case with every artist/band but it is true in most cases in today’s climate. Labels, managers, publishers, etc. like to see that an artist can write their own material for a few key reasons:

  1. There is much more money to be made through royalties if the artist writes their own material (for the whole team involved). We’ll cover this more later.
  2. Writing your own music means you can truly express yourself as an artist without the help of others. It adds hugely to your artistic legitimacy and will garner much respect in the industry and among true fans also.
  3. Writing for other artists can be a huge money-maker on the publishing side of things (look at Sia!).

There are many more reasons than this but the important thing is, if you’re not already writing, get writing!

Write your own kind of music!
Just like Paloma Faith…

When it comes to songwriting, if you tend to repeatedly write the same kind of material (same chords, same key, same topics, same tempo) because you think that’s what the market is looking for, please, stop right now! As I said above about being honest, songwriting is about being uniquely you. That’s what sells. So many artists at the beginning of their (now very successful) careers were turned down by many labels because they were unique and therefore the labels didn’t know how to market something they had never heard before. Many of these artists went on to be some of the greatest in history….

For example The Beatles, The 1975, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, U2… And many more! Stick to your guns and stick to what you do best – being you! Eventually, that wins out and that is what fans engage with. Once you have the fans on your side, the labels come knocking!


Consistency is the key to success. In this industry, you have to work, hard, all the time! Not everyone will love or even like what you do and that’s totally fine.

Music is subjective, you can either love it or hate it….like Marmite.
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Music is subjective.

Ultimately, this industry will reward songwriters and artists who consistently show up, work hard and release great material time and time again.

You might think nobody is watching, but they will be! If you’re making waves, getting good responses online, growing your social following and starting to play good shows, the industry will take notice.

The main thing is to keep writing and keep pushing your own boundaries so that you do consistently produce and release great songs. This will inevitably result in your fan base steadily growing (when the songs are coupled with good marketing and strategy).