Creating Your First Draft

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Writing You Lyrics

Creating Your First Draft

Module 3

Writing Your Lyrics

You’ve mastered the basics of lyrical structure and gathered your ideas – now it’s time to write. In this module, you’ll explore a range of exercises and techniques to develop your concepts and apply what you learned in module 2 – creating powerful first drafts of lyrics you can be proud of.


Learning Acheivements

  • Experiment with storytelling techniques
  • Learn about different narrative modes
  • Master the art of song mapping and pyramiding
  • Edit and refine your lyrics

Creating Your First Draft

At this point, you’ll have a good starting idea or concept that you’d like to use as the heart of your lyrics. This idea will give you enough to say, but not too much for one song. So, as a writer, you’ll feel you have something to say about the subject – and your audience will be interested in, and want to hear, what you plan to write. 

The next step is to start developing what you want to say — and ultimately write more lyrics. You might start with:

  • One or Two lines
  • A Title
  • One or more rhyming couplets
  • A story you want to tell

Aim to finish with more material than you need, and don’t worry too much about the structure, or about polishing your draft. You can do that in the editing and redrafting stage. This part is all about freely exploring your ideas using every possible creative avenue relevant to your concept, and getting all your lyrics down on paper.