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Izotope is a software company developing and innovating audio processing tools for musicians, audio professionals, and producers.

Founded in 2001, the company has grown massively from its hub in Cambridge, Massachusetts. iZotope’s products include mastering software, digital audio workstations, and mobile apps for music creation. 

They design their products to help users of all skill levels achieve professional-quality audio results. Some of their most popular products include Ozone, an all-in-one mastering suite, and RX, an audio restoration software.

The company is highly regarded by the music industry for its supreme quality; subsequently, many musicians, audio professionals, and producers use their products for audio cleanup, music production, reference track, dynamics processing, and a master assistant.

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  • Is iZotope Free?

    iZotope is a company offering audio software that has two primary options for customers: paid or free packages. They offer many free plugins that you can download from their website, including the Vinyl plugin that emulates the sound of vintage vinyl records and a stereo imaging plugin.  However, there are also more advanced options, but they’re only available through paid licences. Likewise, iZotope offers many software products, including the mastering suite Ozone and audio editor RX, which you can only buy through paid licences. So it’s a mixture, and you must decide which option is best for you!

  • What Is iZotope Used For?

    iZotope software is used for many things, but it’s mainly used to enhance the sound quality of a recording to make it sound more polished and professional. You can always look at previous versions to see if the current one sounds better. You can also use reference tracks. Here are some of the things musicians use iZotope for: Mazimiser: to help boost the overall volume of a mix without causing distortion, musicians will use iZotope as a maximiser.  Imager: to control the image of a mix, musicians will use iZotope.  Vintage modules: to recreate the sound of classic analogue equipment, Ozone uses a range of vintage-inspired processors, including tape equalisation and tape saturation.  EQ and dynamics: musicians will use iZotope for its vast range of EQ and dynamic processors that help to shape the tone and dynamics of the mix.  Exciter: an exciter is a processor that adds harmonics to a mix, which enhances the detail and clarity of the sound.

  • Which Musicians Use iZotope Software?

    Many producers and musicians use iZotope software, including Ozone, to help boost their sound quality and overall musical performance. Here are some of the top examples: Billie Eilish - Billie Eilish’s brother and producer, Finneas Ellish, uses iZotope to improve his music. He’s talked about it during his interviews on their music.  Skrillex - The electronic music producer, Skrillex, has talked openly about using iZotope software products to create his music. He says he’s used Ozone and iZotope’s vocal processing plug-in.  Kendrick Lamar - Grammy award-winning producer, Kendrick Lamar, has talked about using iZotope various times.  Andrew Scheps - The popular mixing engineer and producer, Andrew Scheps, has worked with Adele and Jay-Z by using iZotope’s RX products.  Dave Pensado - After working with Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, Dave Pensado has admitted to using iZotope’s Ozone products to create his music.

  • What Is iZotope Ozone Used For?

    There are many advantages to using iZotope Ozone, and that’s why many professionals and hobbyists use it to polish and finish audio mixes. Here are some of the main features of using iZotope Ozone: Stereo imaging: If you’re looking to adjust the stereo width of your audio, Ozone has a stereo imaging option that’s excellent.  Dynamics: Ozone uses a vast range of processing tools, including a transient shaper, compressor, and limiter.  Vintage modules: If you’re looking for vintage style-processors, including tape saturation and tape emulation, Ozone is perfect for you.  EQ: If you’re looking for a powerful equaliser with eight bands, Ozone is the ideal software for you.  Mastering assistant: If you’re looking for a feature that analyses your audio, Ozone has a mastering assistant that’s ideal for you.

  • How Much Does iZotope Cost?

    iZotope software uses a vast range of software products at varying price points. However, the cost of the software depends on the licensing options that you choose. Some software and plugin options are available for a one-time purchase, but others need a subscription on a yearly renewal. 

  • What Does Dynamic EQ Mean?

    If you’re looking to buy iZotope’s products, you’ve likely heard about dynamic EQ and you might be wondering what it means. Here’s the truth: dynamic EQ is a type of equaliser that, based on the level of the audio signal, can adjust the level of the frequencies.  In classic equalisers, the level of the frequency band is manually set and stays constant, regardless of the changes in an audio signal. However, with dynamic EQ, you can set levels for certain frequency bands that trigger EQ to adjust in response to switches in the audio signal.

  • What Does Frequency Spectrum Mean?

    In iZotope software, the frequency spectrum means the graphical representation of the distribution of energy across varying frequencies in an audio signal. You can view and manipulate the frequency spectrum through various iZotope plugins, including the EQ module in Neutron mixing plugin. In iZotope software, the frequency spectrum means the graphical representation of the distribution of energy across varying frequencies in an audio signal. You can view and manipulate the frequency spectrum through various iZotope plugins, including the EQ module in Neutron mixing plugin.  In addition, the frequency spectrum can offer handy information about the tonal balance and character of an audio signal. If you have a vocal track that sounds boomy or nuddy, for example, you may use the frequency spectrum to find the frequency range that’s creating the problem. You can then apply EQ to limit the energy in that range.

  • What Are Vintage Modules?

    Vintage modules refer to the audio processing tools that emulate the character and sound of vintage analogue hardware equipment. You can use vintage modules with many iZotope plugins.

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