How Artists Can Establish Deep Connections with their Fans?

In the age of the internet, we’re exposed to huge amounts of information on a daily basis from social media, Spotify, rolling news and more.   

So amid this backdrop, for aspiring artists and bands, how can they cut through the ‘digital noise’ and make a positive, lasting impression on potential fans?   

It sounds daunting but with so many platforms online, there are myriad opportunities for artists to sell themselves and their music to forge real bonds with their audience.  

Here are some tips on how emerging musical talent can get closer to their fanbase…  

Pay close attention to each potential fan to create your tribe

At the beginning of your marketing efforts, it can be a challenge to build your audience up from scratch. You need to value each connection and spend time investing in each fan. Make them feel special from the beginning, then when you start dropping merchandise or performing tours, these fans will hopefully be at the front of the queue and ready to get stuck in.  

Create content to give access behind the scenes

Make sure all your social media and online channels are up to date with the latest, most relevant information about you and your music. Then make sure you keep them fed and watered with regular posts and shares.

This can take the form of news and updates on forthcoming music releases or events – but if you want to go deeper, then you can share photos or videos from rehearsals or even demos of new songs. Showing off a more human side doesn’t work for everyone – but if this strategy fits your artistic brand, then this can be a great way of getting closer to your audience and bringing them into your world. Utilise Instagram Stories, Facebook Live and YouTube to increase engagement. 

Mailing lists offer exclusivity 

Amid all the comings and goings of the online world, the mailing list persists as one of the most important ways of communicating with fans. Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify … these are all important channels. But a mailing list gives you direct access to your audience and their inbox. And according to marketing research, this approach works.  

Stats from optinmonster reveals how almost two-thirds of consumers say how they have made a purchase as the result of a marketing message they received by email. This is far more valuable than a like or a follow on social media.  

Consider your fan’s online journey 

Make sure your presence on any online platform such as Instagram or Spotify is not just up to date but connected with each other. You need to consider the various assets you need and make sure each part of your profiles have the relevant content within them. For example, utilise an artist bio, use images and video or even blog posts where needed. If you attract listeners to your Spotify artist profile via your music or a gig, then make sure you can entice them further into your world with links to other pieces of engaging content.

Behave online as you would in person  

Artists need to treat the online world like the real world – so rather than just using the internet to shout about music or gigs, instead choose to strike up conversations with your audience. Interact with your fans when they comment or share your music on social media. Engage with them and ask their opinions, perhaps on what songs should be in their sets, the kind of merch they might be interested in, where they might want to see you play. Keep the conversation going, ask questions and go deep with your audience.

Get personal

Some artists only post about the good times. But being authentic and sharing social media updates when things aren’t going quite as well can be an equally effective way of showing off the whole of your character and personality. Your feed doesn’t need to be totally about the struggle of being an emerging artist. But showing the ‘real you’ can be an effective way of deepening an emotional connection with your potential fanbase.  

Think about what your fans might want

If you’re wondering what the best ways to engage with fans are, then put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what you want from your favourite bands or artists. Do you want early-bird access to gig tickets? Or be the first to hear any new material? The more you can emphasise with your audience and meet their needs, the more you will be able to strengthen your bond with them.   

Stay focused and patient  

Remember that building an engaged audience around you and your music doesn’t just happen overnight. You need to take a considered approach and develop an effective strategy that resonates with who you are as a musician and an artist. Be proud of what you put out, make sure it reflects who you are and focus on enhancing how you approach this each day.

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