How to Keep Your Vocal Cords Happy & Healthy!

How to Keep Your Vocal Cords Happy & Healthy! | Elevate

If you want a successful singing career in the music industry—you need to protect your vocals at all costs. Otherwise, all the hard work to craft a beautiful voice can shatter before your eyes. And once you’ve damaged your vocals, it’s a long road to bring them back to full strength; unfortunately, some singers never return to their former glory. In this article, we’ll tell you how to protect your vocals to ensure your singing career flourishes:

Glam Up Your Glastonbury Outfits For Summer 2023!

Glastonbury Festival | Elevate

The world’s most iconic festival—The Glastonbury Festival—is rapidly approaching in 2023. The Worthy Farm festival has excellent musicians, huge ticket sales (as per), and promises of good summer weather (hopefully). However, Glastonbury’s fashion never goes old; every year, tens of thousands of people visit the festival in all types of clothing, regardless of how bad the weather might be.

How to Generate Powerful Song Ideas & Write Killer Hits

How to Generate Powerful Song Ideas & Write Killer Hits | Elevate

Sometimes writing songs is easy. The ideas are flowing, and you feel so inspired that you can’t get your ideas down onto the page quickly enough. However, other times, you can’t write songs to save your life. So what can you do to get your creative juices flowing again? How can you come up with songwriting ideas when you’ve got nothing in the tank?

Mastering Music Theory

Mastering Music Theory | Elevate

Music theory defines and underlines any piece of music. It contains the way artists create music and how it’s performed and heard—including the cultural and historical contexts that arise. Likewise, music theory studies the concepts that form the melodies, harmonies, and rhythms of your favourite songs.