Breaking Down Bedroom Pop Artists

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Breaking Down Bedroom Pop Artists

Musicians spend precious time and money creating music to showcase their talents to help them build a successful living. However, upcoming local artists need help to break the ceiling compared to celebrities. 

Worse still, most young talents don’t have the financial power to visit a big record label—which has witnessed the birth of the bedroom pop genre.

Nonetheless, bedroom pop—which is a growing genre of music—is changing the music industry forever. 

But what is bedroom pop, and how did it come about? 

Let’s find out:

What Is Bedroom Pop?

Bedroom pop is a new trend where young artists with big goals—but limited resourceslaunch music careers from their homes.

The production is led by the growth of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software and affordable recording equipment, which doesn’t need an artist to visit a record label. 

After recording the songs, the artists share them on various social media platforms—such as YouTube, Tik Tok, or Spotify. As a result, it has attracted millions of views within a short time.

The benefit of bedroom pop is that it allows artists to perform various musical styles to convey their messages. It also boosts the mental health of artists as they express their feelings through their music.

Bedroom pop started in the early 80s and 90s; however, it became popular in the last decade.

The Top-Selling Bedroom Pop Artists Currently

As young artists continue to venture into the bedroom pop genre—some are becoming popular globally. The musicians include: 

1. Beabadoobee

Beabadoobee is a famous Filipino British singer songwriter.

She became famous in 2018 after learning to play the guitar. Her singing prowess is evident in the hit song “Death Bed”. Beabadoobee has also made an appearance at several award events—such as the 2020 Brit Awards.

Other popular songs include “Coffee”, “Fake It Flowers”, “She Plays Bass”, and “I wish I was Stephen Malkmus”.

2. Clairo

Clairo—a 22-year-old who did her first song while 13 years old—is also an excellent bedroom pop musician.

She has consistently released songs after “Pretty Girl” performed well on YouTube in 2017.

Clairo released the EP, Diary 001, in 2018, which was a blend of bedroom pop style and lo-fi production. She also released another album—Immunity—before doing her second album in 2021.

3. Miko

Miko is an upcoming artist with promising visions and the ability.

He is famous for songs like “Broken Hearts” and “Credit Cards”, which shows his lyrical prowess. Miko is also good at wordplay and uses objects, colours, and metaphors to create a pleasing sound.

During the pandemic—Miko slept in his father’s apartment. He spent 12 hours every day in the studio and created the song “Every Night”.

His song, ”Crushes”, has over 1.7 million views on Spotify after getting into the bedroom pop and Lorem playlists.

4. Arlo Parks

Another artist who became popular because of bedroom pop is Arlo Parks.

She wrote songs in her bedroom to express her emotions and ideas—which launched her poetry and musical career. The songwriter-singer’s fame came in 2018 after a successful upload on Soundcloud.

After that, her voice, lyrics, and spoken word gave her a name in the London DIY scene. One of her songs—Cola—about a cheating lover, helped her gain popularity over artists like Billie Eilish.


RICEWINE is an Australian singer and guitarist, who produces indie rock songs with a bedroom pop vibe.

The 20-year-old creates most of his music about his lonely and isolated upbringing—which affected his mental health. He attributes his mental health struggles to growing up in an area with few people of Asian heritage. 

At 16, RICEWINE started producing his music from home. And currently, he’s excellent at instrumental tracks with a lo-fi feel.

Other Bedroom Pop Artists On The Rise

There are many bedroom pop artists to watch out for; here are some of the best ones:

1. Mxmtoon

Mxmtoon (Maia) is a 21-year-old who released her first self-produced album in 2018. It was recorded in her parent’s bedroom and had over 100 streams online. It enabled her to sell out 24 shows all over the U.S.

She has experience creating insightful lyrics, evident in her song “Falling For U,” with over 5.5 million YouTube views.

Mxmtoon—an Oakland-based songwriter and singer—started singing sad songs from her bedroom and uploading them on YouTube. She also plays different guitars, like the ukulele, a talent that keeps her busy producing and writing songs.

2. Cavetown

Robbie Skinner, known as Cavetown, also has sweet songs with outstanding vocals. One of his songs, “I Miss My Mum,” gives fans an emotional meltdown.

Besides being a singer, he also produces songs for fellow bedroom pop artists like Mxmtoon. The producer is responsible for “Prom Dress” by Mxmtoon, which has over 8 million streams on Spotify.

3. Girl In Red

The Norwegian singer and songwriter became famous after producing “Fell in Love in October” and sharing it on Tik Tok.

Another successful song on TikTok is “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend.” She has maintained her success by keeping her individuality, similar to Lady Gaga. 

4. Audrey Mika

Audrey Mika’s popularity began on Facebook, where she used to post self-recorded videos as she sang into a pink toy microphone. This attracted millions of followers on her channel, and she’s currently a force to reckon with. 

The talented singer has a powerful voice and can write great stories. She recently released “Safe With Me,” a soothing song showcasing her unique songwriting talent.

The Bedroom Pop Artist of The Year

Billie Eilish is a bedroom pop artist that’s on the rise after winning several Grammy Awards. The first award was while she was 15 years old—making her the youngest person to win a Grammy for album of the year. She won another Grammy Award for the Record of the Year.

One of her best songs—”Bad Guy”—was produced in her Los Angeles home and became the song of the year at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

In addition, she made several vocal tracks with the help of her brother, who recorded the beats while holding the microphone for her. The collaboration between Billie and her brother Finneas led to the birth of her first single debut, “Ocean Eyes”, in 2015.

How Has Bedroom Pop Changed the Music Industry?

Bedroom pop is shaping the music industry by allowing young artists to acquire fame via the internet. Likewise, it’s changing the industry from being dominated by celebrities. 

The young talents have grown since Spotify created an official bedroom playlist. The YouTube algorithm is also helping rising talents by recommending the artist’s videos to different viewers (depending on their search history).

The artist has the opportunity to showcase their talent and grow their music through the algorithm—enabling their YouTube views and sales to grow. 

It’s proof that anyone can get recognized despite recording from their homes, a groundbreaking moment for the music industry. 

How Has Bedroom Pop Changed the Music Industry | Elevate

Is Bedroom Pop an Actual Music Genre?

Bedroom pop is one of the upcoming music genres that enables various artists to showcase their talents to the world, regardless of location.

The genre enables young talents to express their personal, intimate experiences without visiting the big studios for a record deal, which is often hard to get.

The opportunity has given young talents international recognition without losing their individualism. It’s a genre common with Gen Zwho spend heaps of time on social media—that has allowed them to build their careers. 

The artists can post their music on YouTube and SoundCloud, with creative control of their music and skills. The bedroom pop genre is also growing because of the increased music courses and production apps.

Similarly, most people like to listen to the genre because the music is raw and organic.

Is Billie Eilish Considered Bedroom Pop?

Yes. The type of music Billie sings fits to be bedroom pop because of the themes, sounds, and where she produces her music (her bedroom).

Billie Eilish is good at creating memorable and relatable songs that have grown her fan base (as proven on her Instagram bio). That’s despite most people not considering her music as bedroom pop.

Learn More About Bedroom Pop Music Today 

Currently, artists are venturing into self-recording to reduce the cost of producing music. Thankfully, most people adore this genre because it’s raw and creates different sounds and themes.

Bedroom pop also proves that young artists can grow and earn from their musical careers without traditional record contracts through social media.

The best way to learn about bedroom pop music is through a music course. At Elevate, we have guitar courses, songwriting courses, and music production courses from the best professionals.

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