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Easy bass guitar tunes | Elevate

Easy bass guitar tunes

There’s no better way to make quick progress and to enjoy learning the bass guitar than by playing real songs. Scales, arpeggios and triads are important for developing great technique. Knowing music theory is necessary if you want to develop a deep understanding of the instrument.
Bass Guitar Notes: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners | Elevate

Bass Guitar Notes: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Understanding bass guitar notes is critical when mastering how to play bass guitar. You must learn many things to play bass guitar—including tuning, finger techniques, reading tablature, the art of bass chords, and how to string bass guitar.
Beginner's Guide To Playing A Guitar | Elevate

Beginner’s Guide To Playing A Guitar

It is possible for everyone to learn how to play the guitar – from classical, bass style, electric, and blues to heavy metal – or anything in between. After you master a few basic concepts as a beginner guitar player, picking up the guitar is much more natural compared to playing any other musical instrument.

How To Play The Bass Guitar

We’ll give you some crucial tips and a solid foundation for playing the bass guitar. By the end of the article, you’ll know how to choose the best bass guitar, use finger techniques, tune your bass guitar, and much more!
Ultimate Lyric Writing Guide | Elevate

Ultimate Lyric Writing Guide

From finding inspiration to structuring your songs, there are many aspects of your lyric-writing to consider. For many budding songwriters, their aim is often to craft words that are as authentic as they are attention-grabbing.  
Getting a Music Sync Deal | Elevate

Essential Tips on Getting a Music Sync Deal

If you’re looking to reach out to music supervisors, then make sure you do your online research and work out who are the best people to contact. There’s no point in sending out a blanket email with your details or messaging specific supervisors with tracks which won’t work for them.  
The Best Female Producers 2022 | Elevate

The Best Female Producers 2022

Female identifying producers only account for a small percentage of those working within the music industry today as the recording studio is often seen as a male-dominated space..
How to Launch your Digital Marketing Strategy | Elevate

How to Launch your Digital Marketing Strategy

From developing your own website to putting together an effective content strategy, there are numerous ways you can use digital marketing to engage with and grow your fanbase.  

Top Songwriting Tips! 

It can be tricky – but while the creative process can sometimes be hard to pin down, there’s plenty of advice available on how you can give yourself the best chance of securing work as a fledgling songwriter for hire. 

Best Ways to Enhance Your Resilience as an Artist or Musician

Resilience is one of the key attributes artists and musicians need to work on if they are to succeed in the music industry. What does it mean? Well, as with any career, you’re likely to experience plenty of highs and lows on your musical journey.  
The Best List of Music Production Resources | Elevate

The Ultimate List of Music Production Resources

From free plugins to blogs and courses such as those offered by Elevate including our short programmes on Ableton to Songwriting introductory courses, there’s a huge amount of information available.  

How to Calculate Your Songwriting Splits

From copyright cases such as the latest wrangles facing Ed Sheeran to Lauryn Hill and the legal settlement she had to reach with musicians who claimed they were denied any credits for their contribution to the ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, there are plenty of stories about creative disputes.