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Austrian Audio is an Austrian music production company that creates professional audio equipment, including accessories, headphones, and microphones. Former employees of AKG founded Austrian Audio in 2017. Austrian Audio focuses on producing high-quality, innovative, and durable products for use in the studio, during live performances, or in other professional audio settings. 

In addition, the company uses proprietary technology—such as custom-designed headphones and handmade capsules. A wide range of music professionals, including musicians, sound engineers, podcasters, and broadcasters, use their products. 

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  • Is Austrian Audio a Good Brand?

    Although Austrian Audio is a relatively new brand in the professional audio equipment space—first founded in 2017—the company is very successful and has established a great brand. That’s because the company has built a reputation, largely due to the knowledge of the founders who worked with AKG, of producing the best quality audio equipment.  One of the key factors that set Austrian Audio apart from its competitors is the innovation and quality at the heart of the company. The company makes its products in Austria, which has a strong reputation for creating high-quality products with the latest technology.

  • Who Owns Austrian Audio?

    Austrian Audio is a private company that’s owned by its founders and a team of industry veterans. The current CEO, Martin Seidl, leads the company at the moment. Likewise, Bernard Pucher leads the company’s engineering team.  The founders, who came from AKG, secured funding from private investors and government grants to establish the company in 2017 before launching the first product range. Since then, Austrian Audio has grown hugely. 

  • Where Are Austrian Audio’s Products Made?

    Austrian Audio designs and manufactures its products in Vienna, Austria, in state-of-the-art facilities. The company uses various manufacturing processes involving a combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, allowing for the creation of high-quality, immense audio products. The company’s manufacturing process starts with the design and development of every product, which they do with an in-house team of experienced designers and engineers. Once they’ve completed the design, the components come from high-quality suppliers and producers. 

  • Does Austrian Audio Make Over-Ear Headphones?

    Hi-X (high excursion) is a proprietary transducer technology that’s created by Austrian Audio and used in microphones and headphones. However, Austrian Audio has designed the technology to provide superb audio with low distortion sound technology, resulting in a more accurate and detailed sound reproduction.  In addition,  Austrian Audio makes its HI-X transducers with a combination of manufacturing processes and advanced materials. These include a specially designed diaphragm made from a large mixture of materials. The diaphragm is incredibly lightweight, but it’s also highly rigid. As a result, it allows the headphones to move more accurately and freely in response to sound waves, making them excellent build quality. Furthermore, Austrian Audio uses a dynamic magnetic system to provide better sensitivity and efficiency with its headphones. Therefore, they can provide higher volumes with a more diverse range and less power—and that means they’re the perfect use for all professional audio applications and listening for long periods.

  • What Is Austrian Audio's Warranty Policy?

    One of the best things about Austrian Audio is their superb two-warranty on all of their products, which shows how committed they are to delivering high quality. The warranty is valid from the day you purchase, but it’s only available to the original purchaser of the product.  However, it’s essential to know that the warranty won’t cover damage caused by accidents, neglect, and misuse. But Austrian Audio may be able to repair your product for free depending on the damage.  If you purchased your Austrian Audio product from an unauthorised seller, Austrian Audio may not accept your warranty if you have any issues with the product. All in all, Austrian Audio has a great warranty that can provide buyers with confidence. Although Austrian Audio can offer expensive headphones, the warranty makes them worth it.

  • Does Austrian Audio Deliver Premium Sound Quality?

    Yes, there are many reasons why Austrian Audio delivers premium sound quality, including the hi-fi, ring magnet system, and mechanical design. As a result, they've become one of the audio industry giants. They also have a goal of making passion heard, and this shows through their quality of sound making it ideal for audiophile listening.

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